Willow Oak Tree

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Willow Oak Tree, Quercus Phellos

USDA Climate Zone: 5 - 9
Tree Height: 70 - 100 feet
Tree Spread: 20 - 40 feet
Soil Type: Acidic Well Drained Soil
Sun: Full Sun

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This tree can grow up to be sixty-five feet tall.  Some of these trees even top out at over one hundred feet.  The leaves on this oak tree and shaped like willow leaves and are bright green. The willow oak products acorns and starts to produce them fifteen years earlier than other oak trees. This oak tree grows at a rapid pace. The wood of the willow oak is used to make paper and can also be used as lumber.   These trees are amazing as they grow great around bodies of water and also help a lot with soil erosion problems on lawns.  They have a very hardy root system, and also the trees grow great and become very hardy when mature.  They are amazing when grown in USDA climate zones five through nine and are also called Quercus Phellos.  They are also very special to provide lots of shade in the spring and summer and also in fall they display bright and gorgeous colors as the leaves change to a golden yellow.  These trees are beautiful and a great way to create a special location and look on all lawns.  They grow to be very stately and large and needs lots of room to grow and become healthy.  The bark on this tree appears in a grayish and brownish color as it matures and is also great at attracting small wildlife like squirrels and birds.  They are very strong trees and can go through tough storms very well.

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Willow Oak Tree
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Willow Oak Tree
Willow Oak Tree
Willow Oak Tree
Willow Oak Tree